Canción 'I Hear Jesus Calling' del disco 'Bloom' interpretada por Audio Adrenaline

I Hear Jesus Calling Letra y Canción

Audio Adrenaline

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I HEAR JESUS CALLING es una canción de Audio Adrenaline del año 1996, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Bloom.


'I Hear Jesus Calling'

I see what eyes can not see,
And ears can not hear
And brains can not perceive.
I see a spirit over me
That guides, protects
And keeps me from some wrecks.

I hear Jesus calling [Repeat x4]

I hear words that were said
Over two thousand years ago.
I hear the spirit when it's near.
Reminds me who I belong to.

I hear Jesus calling [Repeat x4]

Softly and tenderly
My Jesus is calling.
Calling, calling for you and for me.

I hear Jesus calling [Repeat x8]