Savage - I Need You

I Need You Letra



I Need You (Letra/Lyrics)

I need you to pin me down
Just for one frosen moment.
I need someone to pin me down
So I can live in torment.
I need you to really feel
The twist of my back breaking
I need someone to listen
To the ecstacy I'm faking.
I need you you you

I need you to catch each breath
That issues from my lips
I need someone to crack my skull
I need someone to kiss.
So hold me now
And make pretend
That I won't ever fall
Oh hold me down
I'm gonna be your baby doll

I need you you you
Is it you I really need?
I do I do I do
I really do
I need you

Datos de esta canción

I NEED YOU es una canción de Eurythmics del año 1987, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Savage.