John Gorka

Letra de la canción

If I could forget to breathe
Forget to breathe entirely
It's happened down through history

And surely I could lose my head
Some night I could drink too much
And take it off and just forget

And I will learn all languages
I will speak in every tongue
From highnesses to savages
And to all beneath the sun

Someday I will paint the sky
I will build a ladder, make a roller
That could reach that high

And nothing that I do will pass
Everything I will and make and feel
And dream and know will last

I will rid the world of sorrow
Stop all wars and pain
I will tell you of tomorrow
As I rule the wind and rain

I can do it all it's true
But only when I've done all that
Oh will I turn away from you
Only when I've done all that
Oh will I turn away from you
fuente: musica.com

John Gorka
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