Diamond Rio

Letra de la canción

What is the world coming to
When lovers can't believe
They got love comin' true
And then they up and leave
They say they will when they won't
They say I do then they don't
That ain't the way it's gotta be
With you and me

Imagine that
A love that lasts forever
Imagine that
For all the world to see
Two people stay together
The way it outta be
Ohhhh imagine that

I don't intend to change the world
I couldn't if i tried
As long as I got you with me girl
I'd be satisfied
Lets do what we can do what we say
We'll just take it day by day
'Cause I want to prove to everyone
That it can be done



Do you believe enough to go the distance
Do you believe enough to make a stand
Do you believe enough to handle the resistance
I believe we can


Mmmm hmm
Ohh imagine that
Imagine that
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh imagine that
Ohh imagine that

Diamond Rio
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