Ryan Cabrera

Well i'm wanting to know you, i just want to be in your arms,
we'll fly away and i hope soon, that this side of me,
is willing to be, all of the things that you want to see now,
well i'm asking if you'll let me in, to your world where i've
never been.
[chorus] cause in my life, i'll let it all hang down
i just want to know your awake,
in my life, i'll never touch the ground
i just want to know it's all allright cause it won't be long
Well it's gone anyday now
and i'm hoping i'm wrong,
we'll fly away and i hope you
can be strong, cause it won't be long,
till the day that i can stand up in your arms,
And your wondering now if you on the track,
you'll never know if your gonna look back at all
and then see me there,
as your fixing your life into what it can be,
remember now don't forget about me


Ryan Cabrera

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