Disco 'Voices in the Wind' (1992) al que pertenece la canción 'In The Day'

In The Day

Suzy Bogguss


He meets her in a tavern
He's taken by her smile
She thinks he looks reckless
And she's feeling kind of wild
They leave that bar together
Make the rounds from place to place
They try to keep it light
Still they wind up face to face

So they up the bottle
To let those feelings out
It's the only way they know
To say the truth or hide the doubt
In the night they love and fight
And sometimes even touch
But in the day they don't remember much

They hold on to one another
Make a circle of their friends
Time passes quickly
When the party never ends
They do everything together
Till there's nothing left to do
But keep the champagne flowing
Right on through the honeymoon

Well the sun comes through the window
She crawls out of bed
Tries to make the coffee
While he tries to clear his head
They stare across the table
through the silence and the hurt
They've come down to the problem
And it's gonna take some work

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