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In The Dead Of Night

Snuff Pop Inc.


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I can't live with you
i can't live without your body
so let me hang out in you
watch me feed my vanity
so put your freehold aside
and let's be a mutual compromise
just to honour the pride we choose to call love
happy dagger touch my wetstone!
Put your shaky little hand in mine
it's a sky blue night deep as the forest
we've got a long way ahead of us
and distance to travel
‘cause you choose to ignore my cupboard love
though there's a selfish skeleton waving inside
caught in the religion of self worship
he made you the object of a life long ritual
do you hear chanting in the distance?
or is it something slipping into our dreams?
don't worry about the beasts in the distance
the real peril walks right beside you
....in the dead of night
I'm only happy when i'm close to you
‘cause it brings me closer to myself
and i'm telling you lie upon lie upon lie
while you're waiting for that moment of truth
well, it dried up in blot-stained sheets
with the water-treading lies in your mind even before you met me
I'd rather die than lose you
i'd rather die than be without you
Have you seen the fish in the dark lake
they huddle at the sound of wolves in the night
come closer, i see you cower
i will never let them bring you down (that's my duty)
‘cause you choose to ignore....

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