Canción 'A Typical Sound Check' interpretada por Frank Zappa

A Typical Sound Check Letra y Canción

Frank Zappa

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A TYPICAL SOUND CHECK es una canción de Frank Zappa del año 1992, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Playground Psychotics (Disc 1).


'A Typical Sound Check'

(all skate men only!
man, shou shoulda put the fuckin'
gotta put that sign on the front, man
got to get that sign on the front
sign of bass player
because i i'm gonna have to find i'm gonna take about five minutes with the other thing in there in time to go on
get some more weirdness
hey man
hey, it's far right there
hey, it's still an hour here
see it, my washboard's in the car
see, they gotta have two holes here
oh we got our amps switched i should be having
if you do not hear me
you may now walk out
for i am here
and i am talking)