Beenie Man

look ya, look ya, look ya
yuh nuh see da gal deh
yuh nuh see da gal deh man, (look yah nuh)
see di gal right ya so man, (hold on)
Tanto metro:
in a di middle of di night, middle of di night
but when mi lock off di light, lock off di light
an mi a slm har body right, slam har right
di gal all a mek noise, all a mek noise
Beenie man:
but in a di middle a di night
when mi a wuk it same way
di gal a kneel dun an a pray
an like a donkey she bray, bray, bray
tanto metro but cho
Verse 1:
Beenie man:
when mi walk pon di stree, street, street, street
di gal a brawl out seet, seet, seet, seet
the gal dem say dem want a piece, piece, piece, piece
dem want to run to di east, east, east, east
di gal dem say dem want work, work, work, work
nuh want nuh man a jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk
weh only have a one shirt, shirt, shirt, shirt
dem want my grape from di eart
Repeat chorus
Verse 2:
Tanto metro:
but a my name she call, call, call, call
when mi bruk dun har wall, wall, wall, wall
di gal a rail up an bawl, bawl, bawl, bawl
di gal a wabble an a stall, stall, stall, stall
Beenie man:
di gal dem cry fi all di meat, meat, meat, meat
dem want di man wid di heat, heat, heat, heat
to mek dem vibrate sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet
dem want the wuk whole heap, heap, heap, heap
Repeat chorus
Beenie man:
suzie, angie, di one name lorna
di gal write mi letter
seh dem want mi come over
a last mi wuk miranda pon di veranda
an aretha, marita come do di magarita
di gal start pon wonda
di gal dem start to ponda
but through mi meet miranda roun di veranda
tanto metro come ya coma hall
Repeat chorus
Verse 3:
di gal want keep a life
das why dem want di man from shocking vibes
we are not solomon, but we are solomon tribe
pon di gal dem highway, we must keep wi eyes, realize
but when di gal dem see wi walk, walk, walk, walk
di gal dem want di work fast, fast, fast, fast
so tanto metro ease off
Repeat chorus


Beenie Man

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