Stranger Than Fiction - Infected


Bad Religion


Infected Letra

Now here I go
Hope I don't break down
I won't take anything, I don't need anything
Don't want to exist, I can't persist
Please stop before I do it again

Just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing
Let's talk about no one, please talk about no one
Someone, anyone

You and me have a disease
You affect me, you infect me
I'm afflicted you're addicted
You and me, you and me

I'm on the edge
Get against the wall
I'm so distracted
I love to strike you
Here's my confession
You learned your lesson
Stop me before I do it again

You're clear as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you
Like an ocean, we can work it out
I've been running out, now I'm running out
Don't be mad about it, baby
You and me, are incurable
I want to tie you, crucify you
Kneel before you, revile your body
You and me are made in heaven
I want to take you, I want to break you
Supplicate you
I want to bathe you in holy water
I want to kill you upon the alter
You and me, you and me

Datos de esta canción

INFECTED es una canción de Bad Religion que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Stranger Than Fiction.