You win some and you lose some
that's just the way it goes
someday maybe i'll win one
right now i just don't know
i've got a special talent
you might call it a gift
i'm really good at losing
i'm always getting stiffed
i'm a sucker for punishment
i'm always flying blind
but this foolish heart's been broken
just one too many times
it's time to change my thinking
cause i'm getting nowhere fast
when somebody says she loves me
it never really lasts
i've gotta stop believing
every pretty little liar
everybody's got a motive
every seller's got a buyer
no more trusting anybody
love is nothing but a scam
always leading me to slaughter
like a foolish little lamb
yeah there's one born every minute
oughta know 'cause here i am
seems i'm always steppin' in it
but i finally understand
this whole world is full of takers
this whole world is full of thieves
this whole world is full of fakers
with the aces up their sleeves
now i've got a new agenda
think it's time to change my luck
if you're not doing the fucking
you're the one that's gettin' fucked
no more cryin' no more grieving
i'll be happy as a clam
i'll be the one who's always leaving
with the money in his hand
you can only break a heart so much
it finally turns to stone
and as far as i can tell
i will be better off alone
now i'm gonna be the biggest bastard
you have ever met
gonna knock you down so hard
and then you never will forget
you broke this camel's back
yeah, you created quite a creep
so think about that, baby
while you cry yourself to sleep.

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