Black Crowes

Jealour Again Letra

Black Crowes


Jealour Again (Letra/Lyrics)

Cheat the odds that made you
brave to try to gamble at times
well i feel like dirty laundry
sending sickness on down the line
tell you why
'cause i'm jealous, jealous again
thought it time i let you in
yeah, i'm jealous, jealous again
got no time, baby
Always drunk on sunday
try'n to feel like i'm at home
smell the gasoline burning
boys out feeling nervous and cold
(repeat 1st chorus)
Stop, understand me
i ain't afraid of losing face
stop, understand me
i ain't afraid of ever losing faith in you
never felt like smiling
sugar wanna' kill me yet
find me loose lipped and laughing
singing songs ain't got no regrets
(repeat 1st and 2nd chrous)
Don't you think i want to
don't you think i would
don't you think i'd tell you baby
if i only could
am i acting crazy
am i just too proud
am i just plain lazy
am i, am i, am i, ever

Datos de Jealour Again

JEALOUR AGAIN es una canción de Black Crowes.