Canción 'Next 100 Years' del disco 'Crush' interpretada por Bon Jovi

Next 100 Years Letra

Bon Jovi

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NEXT 100 YEARS es una canción de Bon Jovi que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Crush.

Letra 'Next 100 Years'

Time ain't nothing but time
It's a verse with no rhyme
Man, it all comes down to you

Change ain't nothing but change
Just the faces and the names
But you know we're gonna make it through

I'll believe
When you don't believe in anything

I'm gonna hold you 'til your hurt is gone
Be the shoulder that you're leaning on
I'll be standing here
For the next 100 years
If it all should end tonight
I'll know it was worth the fight
And we'll be standing here
For the next 100 years

I, when I think that I'm losing my mind
It all comes back to you

And you, you know that it's true
After all we've been through
There's nothing that I wouldn't do

Stand by me
And I would gladly give up everything

[Chorus: x2]