Letra de la canción

You got a window in the basement.
You got a perfect view, but you don't care.
Have you ever seen the things that go on outside?
You got a door to your apartment,

so you can step outside and see the sights.
Downtown looks like don't own if you look at it right.
You just might sleep yourself to death.
You guts will spill onto your bed.

I've got a windowsill that I mentioned earlier
Where you can rest your chin.
There is also a seat,
That I've heard exists somewhere,

For the perfect rest.
It's just a simple plan to keep you awake.
No matter what I try, your eyeballs seem to hide.
After saying that you won't sleep in ever again,

You slept all morning long.
If you bore than you must be boring too.
Did I stutter?
Your own kind of corruption leads to sleeping in.

If you want to wait, then I'll just start the clock,
and see how much time you waste.
fuente: musica.com

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