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Keep It Down

Smash Mouth

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'Keep It Down'

Back in the day everything seemed to be okay
But okay is just okay
And just alright makes you think what could be on the other side
Running with the big dogs, left those puppies on the porch
Scratching fleas is the lease in the real world
If I knew then what I know now
Just alright would be okay somehow

Keep it down now
Could you keep it down?

Had it made, had it play itself out
In a sitcom style
So the landlord has his key in my door
I'll have amnesia for a while
I've seen ridiculous sunsets in a sickening sky
Made me feel really ill in a beautiful way
I've seen perfect people and I shield my eyes
I don't deserve to see their shame

Keep it down now
Just keep it down
I can't hear myself think
Who needs to think?

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