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[featuring problemz]
Bk representative problemz
Dj honda
"we don't play when it's time to slay" erick sermon
"kill the noise" parrish smith
*dj honda cuts the samples as they repeat for 3 bars*
Check it yo
Bench pressin rappers be givin me extra strength like excederin
But this veteran is better in this profession when i'm editin
Competitors steppin to my direction but i'm two steps
Ahead a ya my flow is non-stop like et cetera
Et cetera, from beginning to end i begin to blend
And you gets no wins even if your stereo is on ten ten
Comin directly from bk representin on the love love
Makin shorties push up like hurby luv bug
Word to momma niggaz don't really want no drama
Cause when i register my armor they all pause like a comma
I'ma, bout ready to break this down and get more claps
Than a shorty with crabs, givin up ass on the ave
I be the honorable, like elijah muhammad, farrakhan
And all praises due when i run through tracks like a maraton
They call me problemz, a.k.a. the head honcho
Liver than o.j. simpson on the freeway in his white bronco
Dem batty bwoy nah wan come test
One of the best in this profession that's no question i be reppin
"we don't play when it's time to slay" - erick sermon
"kill the noise" - parrish smith
*dj honda cuts and scratches the samples for four bars*
Understand the problemz is internationally ranked supreme
Bk connection, when i be reppin that's no question
Deceased presidentials on my mentals at all times
Hop in the three and a quarter, hit the spot and cop four dimes
Raw rhymes enable me to live life luxurious and lavish
My vital infested with carats
Cabbage is the topic of discussion cousin
Eight multiplied by a dozen is the year my name will start buzzin
You wasn't, prepared nor aware caught you off guard
In actuality you barred, frontin like you hard
On my sixty inch screen, tellin lies to my vision
Frontin like you was in prison dunn you know that shit is fiction
While i'm sittin on mill's, coppin a mansion in the hills
Preferably in beverlly collectin treasury consecutively
Inevitably the refugee with the recipe
Breakin these niggaz up like referees is my specialty
You know the four-eleven black strictly stacks on top of stacks
L-e-x three-double-ohs and legend ac's
Puttin the facts on wax, bout to blow like a sax
Problemz recognize now bring that back
"we don't play when it's time to slay" - erick sermon
"kill the noise" - parrish smith
*dj honda again cutting and scratching four sections*
(who the f*** are you?)
I'm the wrong nigga to f*** with shit don't tempt me
Cause i blow up spots like ed kozinsky this mc
Tried to convince me that he was nice when he was wack
So he was forced to pay the price and got his ass jack-ed like dempsey
Left his motherfuc*** pockets empty, cause his technique was flimsy
Pulled out on son duke, just like a benz-y
Anti-benevolent, never hesitant to represent
Catch a couple of bodies do away with the evidence
Dem batty bwoy nah wanna come test me
Cause when a nigga like problemz get busy i leave em dizzy like
Comin directly, from the battlefields of bk with my armor
Word to momma niggaz don't really want no drama cause this rhymer
Cause trauma, hurry and dial nine-eleven for ems
Bitch niggaz keep crampin my style like pms
I flex like funkmaster lyrical styles cause disaster
When i blast your ass like nasa you're be whinin like patra
Who's the master...
*dj honda again, you know the drill*
*dj honda keeps gettin buck to the end*

DJ Honda


DJ Honda

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