Home Grown

Letra de la canción

A night of no rest,
i was laying on her breast
a morning of regret,
i realized i slept with my friend

a silent good-bye,
she gave me no reply
i asked for a kiss
she answered with her fist

i fuc*** up again
i lost another friend

i am a user,
i didn't mean to lose her
i couldn't keep my pants on,
and she's hating me

unable to think,
had one too many drinks
when we were in bed,
i was using my other head

hating myself,
i gave her no respect
i'm feeling like a pig,
regretting what i did

i saw her again
she used to be my friend

no conversation,
i had no explanation
she looked me in the eyes
and she said to me... 
she said "it's over"
she said "it's over"
she said "it's over"
don't talk to me 
and i said
"i'm sorry"
"i'm sorry" 
Chorus 3x:
Last night regrets


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