Canción 'Let Me Belong To You' del disco 'Let Me Belong to You' interpretada por Brian Hyland

Let Me Belong To You Letra y Canción

Brian Hyland

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LET ME BELONG TO YOU es una canción de Brian Hyland del año 1962, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Let Me Belong to You.


'Let Me Belong To You'

Make me your slave
Tie me down, make me behave
Let me belong to you

Make me be true
Tell me what I can do
Let me belong to you

I don't want to be free
Like a wave on the sea
No place special to go
But toss to and fro

Oh make me your own
Never never leave me alone
Make all my dreams come true
Let me belong to you

(speak verse 1)

(repeat bridge and verse 3)