Life In Bondage


Letra de la canción

Do somethin', keep things apart
There's one thing, hidin' in your heart
Wanting freedom, keen for control
No one helps you, do as you're told

Life in bondage - work at their command
Feel like a blind man - just waiting for a hand
Life in bondage - can you feel the chain?
Work forever - 'cause you're never free again

No courage
You've got no guts
Plain day rhythm
You've grabbed by the nuts
Never breakin'
Can't even try
Fear has got you
Through your wife's cry

[Repeat chorus]
If you want to be a free man then you'd better think again
'Cause you have joined the other fools
You're counting money while your life is fading out

That comes from sticking to the rules
Repeat bridge
You're weak and soft to the core
Your wife ain't nothing but a whore
Get paid, feel rich for a day
Face it, it's no use you pray

pRepeat chorus[

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