Canción 'Like Water Into Wine' del disco 'Long Stretch of Lonesome' interpretada por Patty Loveless

Like Water Into Wine Letra y Canción

Patty Loveless

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LIKE WATER INTO WINE es una canción de Patty Loveless que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Long Stretch of Lonesome.


'Like Water Into Wine'

Baby open up that bottle
Come and lay down by my side
I don't have no special reason
Just this ache I feel inside
I want to lose my inhibitions
I want to lose those words we said
I want to drink my fill of you babe
Let it go right to my head

Tonight I want to hold you
I want to look into your eyes
I want to watch these broken dreams
Turn into memories
Just like water baby
Just like water into wine

Don't want to think about tomorrow
Don't want to count my last regrets
I can't hate you anymore babe
I can't love you any less

Sometimes I've been ungrateful
Sometimes you've been unkind
But all the pain and sorrow
And all the bitter tears
They're just water baby
Just water into wine

So baby open up that bottle
Come and lay down by my side
I can't think of one good reason
We should not be satisfied

Jesus walked upon the water
Healed the sick, the lame the blind
We are miracles of science
We are accidents divine
We're just like water baby
Like water into wine