Cattle Decapitation

Letra de la canción

There are corners of this world that should not be explored
there are needles hidden in the candy
it all starts with a life
transformed by a knife
into food not fit for dogs
Ignorance is death
and in this life you've been victimized
your american mind
We get what we want when we want it.
Consumer's head becomes trash receptable
cycle of human spawned hell defecating back into its face
You're as unclean as the meat in your bowels
picked up off the floor and brushed off to find a home
in your intestinal tract
All your life you never knew what went into the meat
as good as any roadkill you'll find in the street
they made that shit from discarded bits of snouts and lips
rat feces swept from the rafters now food in the hereafter
Ah your ignorance astounds me
no rhyme. no reason. no boundary to how insane we have become
The juice off the floor becomes an additive
a waste bin of gore thown in for shits and giggles
helpless heap at the mercy of some freak
some f*** in charge of decontaminating the meat
who wipes his ass without washing his hands, your must
understand that everyday you ingest some sort of disease
You did not kill it.
you did not clean it.
you'd probably f*** it if you couldn't eat it
sick, depraved everyday human.
stupid consumer with faith in humanity
led without a fight straight to the grave.
Birth. agony. death.
defiled. processed. packaged.
sccanned. purchased. prepared.
eaten. digested. feces.


Cattle Decapitation
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