Live And Let Die - Letra


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'Live And Let Die' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Blacks' Magic.


I'm a sister with a grip on her life
I only live once so I gotta get right
The first time 'cause there won't be a second
I'm not in the mood to preach about the wrong of the world
It can't be changed by three girls
On the trio tip we're not a proof of that trip
Excuses that's the truth when the proof compellin'
I ain't tellin' or sellin' out to the pop life
I like the spotlight
Gimme a mic and a beat so I can speak words of wisdom
I may be young, feed some, fall down, and filled up, I'm gonna build up
Knowledge is food for thought so let's eat up
Whatever goes up, comes down, you see nothin' lasts forever
Not even MCs, you, he, she, and even I should live and let live
Or live and let die

Live and let die
You're wastin' time tryin' to change the mind
Of those who's souls are full of holes
I do unto others as I wish them to do unto me
Life ain't nothin' but death without money
My way of thinkin' is one-track
My method of convincin' combat
Success is a mission, it's there for anyone who wants to do better
You know where I'm comin' from
Survival of the fittest, and I'll admit it's vicious
I testify as a witness
Let me say this first for what it's worth
It's true that the meek shall inherit the earth
But that don't mean you gotta be weak or soft
Even on the mic you can't take no shorts
I only help those who want to help themselves if no one else
As a youngster they taught me to live and let live
And that's what I always did, word to miz
But there's a change in the world that I live in
So don't be surprised if I live and let die

Live and let die
Live and let die

That's the eighth time that baser almost O.D.'d, man
Live and let die
Yo, Finster, baby, went up for homicide
Live and let die
He's out there skeezin' with no jimmy hat
Live and let die
K-bone was shortin' the fuzz and got dumped
Live and let die

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