Barren Cross

Take the book of life, he said, is his name to be read
The angel looked and nodded no, far be it that you should go
The throned one said why should I let you in, you said me good-bye
The human one said I don't know, but I?m not as bad as my friends below

Why should I believe what you say
You destroyed your own life anyway
By not choosing, you've made your choice already
People don't make his mistake, you'll be sorry

Break-out, the living dead,
Break-out forever
Break-out, the living dead,
Break-out of them forever, living dead

Make the kill between the eyes; the old man say good-bye
Shoot the arrow, kill the sin, give birth to life, get born again
Take the road of destiny that leads you past evil's tree
Drop the blade, no suicide can help you find a place to hide

(Bridge & chorus)

Look in the sky and tell me what comes to your mind
Look in my eyes, are these, the eyes of disguise
They feet they can walk but their eyes cannot see
Their hearts made of lead, it's the living dead

Spin the wheel of chance, what did you win
But this is no game show you're starring in
Life's but a burning blade of grass
Before you know it earth will be your past
How can I believe just what you say
When you destroyed your own life anyway
Your phone was off the hook, I could not reach you
And your will was not at home, I never met you

Break-out, the living dead,
Break-out forever
Break-out, the living dead,

Gouge the eyes out of a wounded man, good is shout, evil stands
Happiness is now a tale of long ago, the people failed
Meanwhile believers live in heaven's peace, the master gives
Take the book of life, he said, I don't allow the living dead

Barren Cross

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