Butthole Surfers

Here in Monday seems like Friday
Happened just the other day
Tuesday faked for Friday morning
Then it started up again
What would I do Monday's through
Nothing seems to change
Guess I'll have for wait for Friday
Turn into another day
Turn into another day
Turn into another day now
I'm not tired but I got it ready
Get it out that little client
Here or no one how will I be
Doing nothing till tomorrow
Somethin' told me no one called to tell me
Nothin' will be home
Some how couldn't I find the words
Can't be used to tell my story
Guess you'll have to take the risk
'Cause it might be rather boring
Yeah it might be rather boring
Might be rather boring to you
Could it be an atrophy
Of memories or loss of faces
Maybe it's I can't recall situations solve equation
Perhaps I should be havin' wealth
Many things I can't remember
Let her through the solitude
Yet another lonely winter
Yet another lonely winter
Yet another lonely winter
Half out time I got it right
Get around without little Bryan
Always stealin' never buyin'
Is it slippin' aren't I dyin' ya
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Butthole Surfers

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