What's going down in town tonight?
Girls are hot and dressed to excite!
Wild-eyed and crazy, they don't care!
Ooh! They've got their dresses tight!
Gonna set this town alight!
Ooh! Look out! Beware!
Man hunt!
Tiger eyes and painted nails
All the girls are off the rails!

They're gonna get their wicked way!
Ooh! The passion's burning bright!
Abuse your bodies at first sight!
They're gonna make you play their game!
Man hunt!
Daddy didn't tell me what to do
When the girls run after you!
Should I run? Should I hide?
Should I stay and lose my pride?

Don't you put them in your trust!
Got a one-track mind for lust!
They'll leave you wasted, leave you dazed!
Girls are hot and on the loose!
Girls are hot, their turn to choose!
Don't think I want to be saved!

Man hunt!

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