Maxi Curls del álbum 'Black Elvis/Lost in Space'

Maxi Curls

Kool Keith

La canción 'Maxi Curls' se estrenó en 1999. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Black Elvis/Lost in Space

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[Chorus: cool Keith ]

I see maxi curls (Yeah! ...)

Players activator

I see maxi curls (Yeah! ...)

Remote control alligators

[Kool Keith]

I got skill you're on my tip now back off

Slack off let me do this and y'all turn the wack off

The radio stereo here we go flow and blow

Puerto Rico Southside Latin you're feed pattern

Black people mingle white people buy my single

Bingo bangle let go my steel Eggo

Throwin rhymes in spirals like Joe Klecko

Miami Dolphin, now shut up, close your mouth and

you be hatin debatin, regurgitatin

Ratin latent, and perpetratin

My album's love mics, tough like dirt bikes

You get frantic, New York City, run and panic

California, I switch up, boogie on ya

Like Don Cornelius, on SOULLLLLLLLLLL TRAIN!

And heads I clip off, in rap leave a bloodstain

A bigger pain, you would need novacaine

Bite off Rakim, you copy Big Daddy Kane

You know my steelo, I rhyme against a million people

who think they equal, disguisin as Jamaican people

Fakin, funkin, you're pedigree, your beat is sunk in

Tonka toy of little boy, steppin down to Roy

I'm no joke, I rap for cash and you're buyin a coat

Bronx bomber, superb on the freak momma

Stinkin movin, my whole crew is comin through



[Kool Keith]

Bout it bout it, like Master P, makin money G

No time for promos, get paid when I MC

You know my feeling, I'm dealing, with tracks so real and

radio blackout, your format, is not appealin

R&B can step up, but can't compare to me

You oughta know -- how, I, feel

That's wack, with bookbags, packed on your back

Video bop, my skin is black BET

Program your channels, your grandkids want to see me

Freakin status, freakin styles, freakin flows

Freakin foes, freakin lyrics, freakin spirits

I make a def person hear it

Duplicate you demonstrate, what I used to make

Remakes I watch, your crew'll imitate

Motivate still skills to pay bills

Creative sauce, watch out, I'm your boss

On Panasonic like Steve, style bionic

You get to workin, your head bop, you not jerkin

You be out lurkin for danger, in my Ranger

You think I'm bugged man? With Catwoman, like a stranger

Packed with speed, supersonic level Reed

Steelo jets and Bill Blass like rockets

In your pockets, damagin your brain sockets


[Chorus ]

[Kool Keith]

Like Mobile, settin up shop in Alabama

For proper grammar, my style Arm & Hammer

Strong computer, underground like Roto Rooter

Fools critics they mimic, copy, sloppy

MC's get hurt, you blockhead, try to stop me

Digital thinkin, you're blinkin, career sinkin

Old like Mod Squad, you rap like Lincoln

Sideburns turned, you catchin ringworm

A heavy virus, worser than, hepatitis

Schizophrenic like ten people out the clinic

Yankee Stadium uptown, you can't win the pennant

I do construction, you pack up your whole production

Your lips are ready, your girl has a nice suction

Pack her bags pack her bags pack her bags right

Pack her bags pack her bags pack her bags left

Your style is A, be\t, see-D

E-F, G-H, I-J-K, L-M-N-O-P, Q-are-S

Don't test, I taught you how to get your deals

You put my style on your reels

You went uptown, claimin my sound

Get back, stay down

[Chorus 2X ]

[Kool Keith]

Maxi curl, activator

Brought to you by, cool Keith

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