(helicopter traffic reporter)
Well it's 6:45 in the am
and it's time for the drive in
the don valley parkway is bumper to bumper
and the gardiner and 401 are having their regular days
have a good one!
City's waking morning calls
the sun will shine the day begins to fall
oh the beauty of it all
can't believe my life is like the rest
achieving nothing more than second best
no survivors nothing more than a test
i've been greeted as a guest, yes
Why can't we never seem to see clear skies
why can't we be free
but no, you must die to live in metro
I watch the scrapers touch the sky
then i ask myself the question why
my senses simply tell no lies
city's woken morning's called
the sun is shining
day goes on to fall
a captured prisoner behind walls
oh, the beauty of it all
Why must we always be
full of doubt, please let me out
but no, you must die to live in metro


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