Canción 'All Day Long' del disco 'Brotherhood' interpretada por New Order

All Day Long Letra y Canción

New Order

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ALL DAY LONG es una canción de New Order del año 1986, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Brotherhood.


'All Day Long'

This is a song about an innocent
Who died at the hands of a desperate man
He trusted those who he thought he knew
He trusted those who he looked up to
I'll never forget the joy in his face
He'd laugh and he'd cry and he'd ruin my place
He'd drive me crazy, and he'd drive me wild
I used to scream and shout all day long

Now I hope you know this song
Is about a child who now has gone
And other children like him, too
Abused and used by what adults do
So don't tell me about politics
Or all the problems of our economics
When you can't look after what you can't own
You scream and shout all day long