Mintzkov Luna

Letra de la canción

This cold will keep up
for a while i have heared
until death do us part
it will stay and i will try
to be nice from the start
just for once i’ll hold on
until it dies but for now
it still bites and it is out
and moving on
Though i speak what i pronounce
some old verse i learned by heart
there’s a line i can’t forget
something stupid i once said
needless to say it still fits
every space that i admit
there’s a place now i am sure
where it’s good where it is warm
to hold on
Mimosa decided
to show me while blinded
Now i’m catching a cold
left by you on its own
i can’t dream but i can try
how to deal with overdrive
close enough but closing in
to lose your touch, to start again
from the top, i don’t care
if the cool keeps up i’m not aware
and i’m not home
Mimosa decided
to show me while blinded

fuente: musica.com

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