Misunderstood de Voodoo Glow Skulls


Voodoo Glow Skulls

'Misunderstood' se estrenó en 1998. Este canción está incluida en el disco 'The Band Geek Mafia'

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There's a riot in the street
And no one seems to care
The kids are all at home
They're glued to their TV's

Revolution now
Now I don't got time
I've got to meet my friends
They're at the bar waiting for me

Try run me out of my neighborhood
If I don't comply I'm just no good
I'll just spend my whole life

There's a war outside my head
And it wants to get inside
Life could be so easy
I always try to let things slide

I can't decide if I
Should join the team
Or watch the world run dry
Try to keep my head up
Problems, you have yours
And I got mine

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Disco 'The Band Geek Mafia'

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