Roxx Gang

Letra de la canción

Climbs out of his module into the chemical haze
Two death-defying dance steps ahead of the current craze
Surrounded by a cool blues funk
Got holes in his arms from shootin' brown Chinese junk
Black cat bones tied in his corkscrew hair
Hey, that's a Mojo Guru standin' over there

possessing a wisdom beyond his age
He keeps his heart locked up in a cobalt steel cage
He's a rock and roll messiah come to testify
He can offer you salvation but you gotta get him high
And as it is written there's one who still cares
Mojo Guru, hear my prayers

Nobody messes with a Mojo Guru
Some say he's the second cousin of Little John the Conqueroo
Got a rocket in his pocket keep a whole lotta folk alive
The killer and the king were both disciples of his jive
Won't be long now that the deal is goin' down
Now that the Mojo Guru is back in town
One, two, three, rock!

Roxx Gang
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