Disco 'Home from Home' (2002) al que pertenece la canción 'Montego'


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I know I got what I give
Since I don't geel too good guess I don't give much
Maybe I just want to live
I knock on wood everytime I feel human touch
What can I do to fit in?
Kiss up to someone? It will never happen
When alienation hits inn on me
My empathy is gone, my conscious blackens
and I just spit in your face
When you ask for help
My heart is made of stone

Nobody's best friend, I'm on my defence
Everyone stands alone
Another elbow hit, somebody's ego trip
Everyone stands alone

I know I get what I give
Funny vibes, what goes around comes around
But yeah, I just want to live
With someone by my side some kind of close bond
Another spit in your face
Every time you need me
I am busy with my own

When it all comes down to it we all stand alone

So many times it's been shown
Hearts that are made of stone

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