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I'm flipping through these pages
Me memory seems jaded
A lot's been lost since my mothers dream
But these sudden flashing colors
Close my eyes
Only seven
Full of life
Feel my heart it's aching over
Feel my heart it's aching over
And i
I remember being young
Yes you'd come to my house
Won't you tell me the things that i'd done to you this time
Never in my life did i feel so unsheltered
In my mind i could feel you're nothing
Good for nothing
As you told me
Yes you told me how hard i tried
Oh these broken bones
You carry me home
My mothers dreams
She called it
My mothers dreams
She called it
Yes my age
Has turned in my direction
Cold and lonely resurrection
Lies they told me why i'm lost within your soul
But i've worn all those patches in my dreams
Always broken at the seams
Won't you help me
Won't you help me
Oh no angel

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