Felix Beamer & The Groove Rangers

Letra de la canción

And the wind doth blow my mind
making absent, my sense of time
i must confess, i'm upset
growing old i start to fret
I lick nipples of all the girls
all done up in golden curls
i stick pickles in all the girls
all lined up to serve the world
Chorus: mr. spaceman don't steal my brain, your laser eyes are driving me insane

Verse2: while superman is riding his bike
all the children begin to cry
reeves has told a terrible lie
for this injustice he'll surely fry
Roses blooming in the morning sun
stepping on god for extra height
as i'm reaching for my gun
and preparing for a fight
Chorus2: mr. spaceman keep your robots away, their metal hands will crush my head just like clay


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