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Record this right here
man i want niggaz to hear this shit right here
knahmsayin? cause these niggaz be forgettin son
knahmsayin? .. can't blame niggaz doe (we here son)
y'know? truth always reveal itself though
that's what we here for
but umm.. we gon' take this little intermission
to say what the f*** we got to say, y'know?
(let me, let me here something then)
it's like this dunn
infamous til the name wear out
time and again without doubt
i take the murder one route
why clowns pulled out and copped out
poppin they, little heads out they hole
stickin they chest out, actin like they in control
but hold up, i've been doin this since we was kids
and all you other niggaz gotta ask if you could live
your projects is on our dicks, you need to quit
and let us rep that for them, your raps ain't shit
your background's incorrect, your song push no effect
on the people, don't try to play my part
don't try to say my words that i lived and survived
y'all niggaz got some nerve, be careful at night
you might bump into a tru to life nigga like pee
get beat over your head wit gun handles
check the manual you went about it all wrong
we put you on the life, taught you how to drink right
and how to speak like anigga livin street life
how to chasee down liquor wit more liquor
as a youth i was over proof, now i'm sober than your hoa
but still pound on a nigga til he throw up
straighten up there's too much to lose
get your head on right, we got the world to gain
and i'ma take mines while you sit around and complain
and i innovate raps while your song is playin
looks tastes and feels to me like no frills
take that bullshit back to the two inch reel
hit the studio hard, crash the track board like a smashed car
then maybe next rhyme you could f*** wit the god
pee wit a capital "p"
and don't ever in your life try to rock wit me
on no days there's no rap page i can't top
i, splash the half ass trash you dropped
you get chopped in half, your little raff ain't last long
my shit came out and you got escorted to the door
you just a fuc*** clown here to entertain us all
i bring the gravity dunn you're gonna fall
anytime y'all niggaz wanna mic brawl
don't forget to me it's bloodsport bring your dogs
(yea nigga, it's like that y'all niggaz, what)
Chorus: prodigy
It's murda muzak, niggaz on my block relate to it
murda muzak, my peoples on the cell block use it
homicide muzak, dunn stand up on the count
is you involved wit it or out, while i shout
murda muzak, niggaz on my block relate to it
murda muzak, my peoples on the cell block use it
homicide muzak, dunn stand up on the count
is you involved wit it or out, i'm goin out
it's no doubt, i hold my niggaz cause they hold me too
like if you show love for me then i'll show love for you
and if you in a situation, just be patient
give me a minute and i'll be there with no hesitation
and all them bitches that you hittin we done ran through that
plus dissed them, that's why they can't stand our raps
as for you couldn't give a f*** on how you feel
never allowed, and break em up like a whack album
go against to get punished, f*** you
take it out on who run wit, then touch you
ain't no room for the both of us you pop too much shit
i just handle shit and put a clamp, on them loose lips
i sink em like the titanic, you be deep in some shit
i didn't stutter can't hear nigga read my lips
who you runnin wit - shit you won't knock this click
you just frontin wit imaginary pies you flip
aiyyo pee my mind and yours put together's like a pack wild pirahnas
carnivores it's me thirstin
it only worsen, you cats'll get the closed curtain
while your catch me on your networkin, you dick jerkin
your future's uncertain - get a grip close your mouth
cause you know them shits sink ships
it's foul - tryin to go against the morale
move the crowd do my thing leave your ears aroused
it's murda muzak, niggaz on my block relate to it
murda muzak, my peoples on the cell block use it
homicide muzak, dunn stand up on the count
is you involved wit it or out, while i shout

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