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My Closet

Norma Jean

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'My Closet'

I love you so much, dear god
your praise is on my lips
i failed you, i did wrong and still you give me a chance
that's why i say jesus "i love you man"
your majesty, father, friend i put you on a cross and you bleed for me
i shut the door in your face but you kept knocking
you've kept me alive long enouph to relize the truth
so every step i take i'll be with you
you've put my feet upon the rock
you've never let me down
i'm so happy to be at your feet on the ground
i love you so much, god this you now
i will never let the rooster crow
i will fight the good fight for you my friend
never will i be in sin again
you mean so much you mean everything
i overcome the devil because you are there with me
father, how i love you in everyway
so father
how can i bless you today
i love you so much i'll will never get bored
as for me and this house we will serve the lord god
i've beat you in the face
and my soul's forgiven your glorified

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