Spring Heeled Jack USA


Nervous Letra

You know i can't understand
why when you're around me
i have to get so nervous
and then i'll be just fine
until the time you unwind
and then i go get nervous
i realize that in time
i could never make you what
i want you to be
so go right ahead
sit back and relax and watch
what you're doin to me
you know you make me so.
i find it hard to believe
that you're a straight-edge woman
sometimes you get caught up
in that no show scene
there was a time
when i'd let my thoughts go jumpin'
but right now
i'm the only think that's real to me!!
i said sittin' alone with you
it makes me want to shiver
and when you glance my way
i can't help but stare
but then it starts right over!!
sit down and talk a little
ok fine, that's fine
just leave me alone
cause if you hang around here
you'll see me go crazy!!!

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