Sherrie Austin

Letra de la canción

I was a lonely woman
Mine was a faithless heart
Broken, cold, and empty
Hiding like a lost child in the dark
Your touch was a revelation
A light so my eyes could see
Love like a new religion
Made a true believer out of me
Its power brought me to my knees
Amen, I can live again, laugh again

You got me feeling as wild as a mountain fiddle
High as that old moonshine
Sweet as honeysuckle on the vine
I want to sing like a gospel choir
Hang on the highest note
Emotion overflowing in my soul
You give me all the love that a heart can hold

Maybe I've got an angel
Watching over me
Or maybe the Good Lord sent you
Or maybe you're just some kind of destiny
My sweet little meant to be
Amen, I can laugh again, dance again


Amen, I can laugh again, dance again

Sherrie Austin
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