Letra de la canción

I'm getting a little tired with ur broken promises(promises)
lookin at ur pager seein different numbers and numbers
call you when you study hangin with the fellas the fellas
hanging with my girls you always gettin jealous and jealous
i was with ya when you didn't have no fellas and fellas
hangin at your crib too with your mamma your mamma
never found a dream never worth the drama the drama
now your at the screen playin pleaz
no im not the one
say it again say it agian oh
no im not the one
you do or you dont
you do or you dont (dont)
you will or you wont (wont)
no more, no more baby im a do it right
you can or you cant (cant)
be a man, be a man (man)
no more, no more baby im a do it right
You treat me like a lady when you open doors and doors
then you wanna fret when ur wit ur boys ur boys
how you gonna play me when i got ur clothes ur clothes
the ones that you'd wherin when ur wit ur doughes and doughes
i know you never thought that i would have the nerve the nerve
Think about it more since you at the cirb the cirb
blowin at my pager say u wana chance a chance
listen when i say it player pleaz
I just wanna no
what happened to our love
we used to be best friends where did it go wrong
when you gonna see
how good it is for me
im tired and im through with all your messin babe
Yo yo yo
and you promised me case babe
but that was last year boy in the eighth grade
and you aint biggy baby boy
so no it aint one more chance when ur friends around you dont wanna hold my hand
and now you seein girls
stylin while im inside the mix
hoppin at the whips the whips a 5 or 6
yes fly crone
so put in my tone
here i go critical or tyrone
You do or you dont


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