Pat Mcgee Band

Letra de la canción

Everybody's not the same, they got their own lives.
they can't guess how we read between the lines.
people around us just don't see our ways,
we just stick around each other through today.
nobody knows, the way we know,
nobody knows where we go,
nobody knows the way we are,
nobody knows how we've come this far
They can't take the fighting all the time,
all their so-called love ain't worth a dime.
fighting in the ring their's no one in their corner.
round twelve is coming up, who'll be there for her?
time will never play its games on us
it's the way we are that keeps us on the road
Who are the normal ones, there are too many like them.
didn't they tell them to respect in the end.
why don't they see their lies, they're not the ones for each other.
give it up, it's all but done.


Pat Mcgee Band
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