yo, kyla, what's up?
you think i can get your phone number?
man, i don't know, i just met you
hey, i'm not tryin' to say anything
i think we might just have a lot in common
ok, well, maybe we can be friends and then maybe...
ok, so what if i give you my number, is that alright?
ok, but it doesn't mean i'm gonna call you
maybe i'll see you around

kyla, don't be afraid
i'm just looking for conversation
hey girl, don't even trip
it's a friendship that you're facin'

well, i have a lot of friends
and i've known them for a while
and you're comin' on so strong
and that's really not my style

don't get ahead of yourself
so watcha thinkin' about
yo, well, maybe we can just talk
well, ain't we talkin' right now

i know we talking right now
but what we talking' about
yo, i'm just figuring out
how i can know you somehow

I'm not your ordinary girl
if your lucky, then i'll call
but never do forget
what you see is what you get

i know you're not that average chick with that average trip
i'm just talking 'bout maybe we could just be catchin' a flick
but okay, go ahead girl, and take your time
but definitely keep in mind i'm not your average guy

baby, i'm not your ordinary
girl from down the street
always busy working
got to stay on track, got to watch my back from distractions
And i'm the kind of lady
that stays on top of things
can't let nothin' faze me
that's the way it is 'cause that's how i live

hey, well look, i'm not tryin to be part of like your daily routine or anythin'
well, that's good, i wasn't gonna make you part of nothin' anyway

go ahead, do your thing, i'm go now
well, let me get that number just in case you don't wonder
boy, you really won't quit
and you're kinda kulet

well, i think you're kinda cute
and i'm diggin' that attitude
come on, let me get that number
i'll be the one callin' you

okay, well get your phone and save this number
k-y-l-a, alright i got it, now it's stored

[repeat chorus]

there are a couple things
i want you to understand
i don't like those kind of people who pretend
you know i'm keepin' it real
you gotta keep it real
i wont be wastin' your time
you gotta keep it true
i'm gonna always be true to you
i'm not your ordinary girl
you're not the ordinary type

[repeat chorus]

not your ordinary (i know)
girl from down the street
always busy working (that's cool), working (i understand)
working, working
well, i know your not the ordinary
that's what i like about you
i think that you should definitely think me
'cause i'm as real as real can be

[repeat chorus twice till fade]


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