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NOTHING IN THIS WORLD es una canción de Taxiride del año 1999, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Imaginate.


'Nothing In This World'

Pressing your face on a tear colored glass
Washing my name from your mouth as you pass
You talk to me, but the words seem to disappear

'Cause there's nothing in this world
That'll stop me fighting for you
Nothing in this world
That'll keep me away
There is nothing in this world
That'll stop me fighting for your love

I might have told you how much you have meant to me
(Don't be alarmed if I tell you how I feel)
You found adventures in places I couldn't see
(I could have been there if only I showed you)
I fall for you, in this place just to be with you


You broke me like a fallen leaf
When you spoke too soon
But I found strength in what I need
And I need you...


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