Once, Twice, Thrice

Mary Jane

Letra de la canción

Somewhere there is a light
burning to the refrain of life
bleeding inside my heart
some ancient and sacred art
ruins of life before death
say that wasn't my last breath
one more to take
one chance to make
once life to live
once again

somewhere there is a love
begging not to be mine
she's praying for loneliness
waiting for death's heavy bliss
falling into the dark skies
fleeing an hour's night
two more to love
two more to have
two more to shine
twice more she'll die

somewhere there is a stream
made of blue skies
earthly friendliness
to be parted in a razor's kiss
jumping into the rush
one killing, deafening hush
three more to hold
three more told
three more to pay
thrice more i'll pretend

fuente: musica.com

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