Hank Snow

Letra de la canción

Well there was anna from austin
and betty from boston
and caroline from down in tennessee.
i was out to get
through the alphabet
until i hit that terrible z.
Well l was a breeze
with lottie and louise.
and m with mavis and marie.
i had little trouble;
with most, i could double
until i hit that terrible z
Then i met xona
from way out it pamona
i said, "this is fate, i complete."
but i thought what chagrin
when she told me in the end
it started with an x and not z.
Now i'm looking for zelda
cause i've never held a
girl whose name begins with a z.
and i'm gonna hate myself
if i die and don't date my self
a girl whose name begins with a z.


Hank Snow
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