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Hahahahah.. yeah!

\t\"Groups came and went as fast as day and night.\"
Word up, word up, word up, word up, c'mon
\t\"Among them..\"
Heheheh.. WHAT? UHH!
\t\"While their career was short lived..\"
NIGGA, YEAHH! First Family!
\t\".. their lead vocalist was to become a legend.\"

[Billy Danze]
Uhh, yo I suffered a lot of setbacks, I accept that
and I still had a will to win (you didn't expect that?)
You shoulda expect that
So the stupidness you talkin, you gon' regret that (BO)
Get back bitch, broadcast me, live on the air
Brought to you from the corner street, I'm still here
And yeah it's my sun time
How did I end one (NINE) nine (NINE)
Poppin a (NINE) nine times
I keep my mind structured, so I can think
above and beyond, stay strong and live wrong, c'mon
You see me in these streets, do I look sweet?
Do I look like I'm easy to defeat? (Hahahaha)
Do I look weak; or do I look like
if I fall off, I wouldn't land on my feet?
Paint my picture, with a legendary gangster (??)
and only think of me as you think of when gangsters rapped

[Chorus: M.O.P.]
FIRST FAMILY IS ON TOP NOW! Representin the industry lockdown!
Operation - DON'T STOP NOW! Don't stop GET IT GET IT!
Burn this motherfucker down!
FIRST FAMILY IS ON TOP NOW! Representin the industry lockdown!
Operation - DON'T STOP NOW! Don't stop GET IT GET IT!
Burn this motherfucker down!

[Lil' Fame]
Hah, yo, yo
You know Fizzy Wo' nigga, bring that noise
I keep it jumpin (jumpin) all night (all night)
Thumpin (thumpin) all night (all night)
Is it bumpin? (YEAHHHHHHH) All right
So I'ma speak on it (speak on it) I watched niggaz freefall
No release, cause your album was to recall
We blow up prime time for you niggaz
with them SUV rhymes, climb over niggaz
Isn't this amazin, the way that we came through
blazin without radio, hell raisin (WHAT?)
These rap dudes think they foolin me
Posted up in the club, with that ten carat jewelry
Blow up baby, lace your Jeep with rims
I'ma stack mine and lace (?) feet with Timbs (HA)
Just remember the names, Billy Danze and Fame
Two of the illest niggaz in the game


[Billy Danze]
Yo, yo
We still post up on the frontline, whenever it's crunchtime
Whichever one of you cocksuckers want mine (WHAT?)
(TALK TO 'EM BILL) I ain't gotta tell 'em nuttin
They already know that the Family ain't frontin
See there's no complications, with confrontations
My congregation is facin some strange situations
The greatest of all times (loyalty) First Family
(loyalty) Yeah, we still here!

[Lil' Fame]
Brace yourself for the ultimate real
Burghoff and Fizzy Wo' is in your atmosphere
And Guiliani steady tellin us put down the guns
But, Amadou Diallo caught at least forty-one
I'm immune to crime, equipped with nines
Po'-po' got theirs, I'ma stick to mine
(IT'S THE WAY) That's right (OF THE WORLD) Sho' nuff
They gon' need more than the cops, cause the streets is so rough


\t\"Groups came and went as fast as day and night.\"
\t\"Among them..\"
\t\"While their career was short lived..\"
First Family! UHH
\t\".. their lead vocalist was to become a legend.\"

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