I come for you de Tam Tam Go

I come for you

Tam Tam Go

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I come for you

It's cold and it's raining cats and dogs
in this very new town
I'm lost I'm a beginner in the city
But soon I'll get trough
'cause a man like me is a hard boine to deal
with just you wait and see
'cause a man like me ain't ban honey
though you hate, my hat brim

I come for you now

I know I do the right thing
Really trust what I mean
'Cause my life has been walkabout
as a merry go round
since I kissed you I'd been hung on you
like a narrow tie
and you see baby when you loosen me
I don't feel right

I come for you now
Look out!

It's cold and it's raining cats and dogs
In this gloomy old town
I'm lost it's dark in the city
I'm lost it's dark in my soul
But I've got a light house
Shinning me shinning you
And the brim of my hat
And best of my heart are saying I miss you

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