Miguel Bosé

Mamma, mamma
Sleep away your yesterday!
Mamma, mamma
What the hell is on today?
I’m king, and yet a beggar
I must doubt myself in everything but love ¡ hua !
I’m a winner, I’m a poet
Look! It’s written on my aura, all above
I believe, I believe in your light
Take it easy babe, prove it all night...

Make me cling to your emotions
Being your very first attention, let me die
Wanna stick to your tonge
Like a prayer, like a speech or like a lie
I’m a man not a boy
Can you hear me? I’m a man!
Look at me, I’m a man, I’m a man!

I was born to be a runner
But my feet and shoes
Are rooted in the ground
Got a hot dream in my pocket
And a twenty in my Waller, come around

I believe in your light
Will you stay in tonight ?
Hold me tight, Prove it now!, Prove it now!
(Estribillo 2 veces).

Miguel Bosé

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