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Paulina Letra

No Doubt

'Paulina' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco No Doubt.



Paulina - She's on the cover of a magazine
Paulina - A woman in my nightly dreams
Paulina - Who makes me grin in any pose
Paulina - I wish she'd take off all her clothes

Paulina - Well I stare at her pictures all day long
Paulina - And as I do I sing this song
Paulina - My father says to act my age
Paulina - As I single handily turn the page

Paulina - Well I paste her pictures on the wall
Paulina - Sit by the phone and hope she'll call
Paulina - Although I know she never will
Paulina - To indulge myself is such a thrill

Paulina - She's the big red apple of my eye
Paulina - I wish she'd lay down by my side
Paulina - But if she ever knew my pursuit
Paulina - She would probably file a huge lawsuit

Yeah yeah oh oh oh oh oh

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