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Lucifer´s Angel - Letra

The Rasmus

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'Lucifer´s Angel' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Hide From the Sun.


Behind those eyes lies the thuth and grief
Behind thse beautiful smiles,
I´ve seen tragedy
The flawless skin hides the secrets within
Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins

Fly away
Fly away
From the torch of blame
They hunt you- the Lucifer´s Angel

Never lived
You never died
You life has been denied
They call you
The Lucifer´s Angel

Beyond these clouds you can
hide all your tears
Beyond this world you´ll e safe
from their wicked fears end
in their hearts they fear
your demands
you know their minds
won´t accept you,they´´ll never

On your own
I know you can make it
Truth or bone
I know you can mke it
Survive alone
I know you can make it

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