Brown Skin Girl del álbum 'All That I Am'

Brown Skin Girl

Santana (ft. Bo Bice)

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La canción 'Brown Skin Girl' se estrenó en 2005. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco All That I Am

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She's a force of nature
That I can't outrun
A devil and a savior all in one
Her eyes can heal me
Or they can make me bleed
Her lips have me addicted to the poetry
Never really knowing just who I am
And I confess that I don't mind at all
Cause I would trade the world away
To stay inside this dream
I'll never find a better place to fall

I got a lover, a brown skin girl
She's got a magic of another world
And every time that I think of her, I'm on fire - fire
She knows a way, a spirtual flow
Of making me dizzy like vertigo
Her cinnamon kisses melt my soul like fire, yeah

I get a strong vibration
When she just says my name
And it drives me crazy
'Cause I don't know if she feels the same

But she likes to breathe some mystery in all she does
She laughs and says that I'm under her spell
Now I won't lie
I enjoy the ride
And pray it never ends
I feel her deeper than anything I've felt


I can't help but crave another taste of her
Like a drowning man that's praying for the rain
And how she worked her way inside
I'll never understand
She's too beautiful to ever take the blame
But she'll always fan the flame


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